“Change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like a stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass.” – John Steinbeck

The arrival of Spring brings blossoms and wildflowers to Kern County. By mid-March, you can see the first hint of color as plums blossom and peach and nectarine orchards begin to bloom. Apples blossom in late March and early April, with citrus trees blossoming in April. Vibrant wildflowers emerge between mid-March and mid-April, weather permitting.

Wildflowers cover the foothills and spread across the valley and desert floors, moving to higher elevations with warmer weather.Wildflower Etiquette – Wildflowers are a popular attraction in Kern County. While it’s everyone’s right to enjoy the wildflowers, it’s also everyone’s responsibility to protect them for others to enjoy. Please keep in mind that picking wildflowers is illegal. Removing wildflowers interferes with pollination and reduces their numbers.


Transplanting blooming wildflowers is seldom successful and the plants usually die. Enjoy their beauty without damaging them.

** Please respect all signs regarding accessibility, and do not trespass on private property to view wildflowers. Please check with property owners for permission to cross fences and enter private property.

If you’re going out spotting, here are some things you might want to bring with you:

• Water
• Hat
• Camera
• Picnic Lunch
• Bug Repellent
• Light Jacket

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