October 30th marked the kick-off of Kern County’s Workforce Development Workshop series. This series, held in Bakersfield, California, is a regional collaborative effort aimed at closing the gaps between local workforce skill-sets and prospective employers’ expectations in Kern County. The initial workshop provided information regarding Kern County’s current condition in terms of demographics, economic, and workforce trends, along with data on education, housing, and transportation.

The first Workforce Development Workshop session was the start of a frank and candid conversation about the state of Kern County’s overall workforce quality and what advances are needed to meet current and future employer needs. The initial meeting sought to establish a cross-organizational working group that will work together for the next several months in order to identify a plan of action.

Partners in this effort include: the County of Kern, the City of Bakersfield, America’s Job Center, Kern Taxpayers Association, and the Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce.

If you missed our first session in Bakersfield on October 30, 2014, you can watch the program in its entirety and download the supplemental materials below:

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